Our Reservation Program lets you define your choice of floor plan, allows you to participate in our many activities and eat potlucks twice a month.


Question: How do I get on the priority list?

Answer: Its easy! Just contact us to make your Reservation. A reservation deposit of $200 is all that is required. This fee will be applied to your entrance fee if you move forward and is 100% refundable if you change your mind or make other plans.


Question: What if a residence becomes available and I’m not ready?

Answer: When a residence becomes available, The Regency’s marketing director will contact you to arrange a personal no obligation tour. You are free to decline and maintain your status on the priority list. You will be contacted in the future when the residence of your choice becomes available.


Question: What is the advantage of being on the Reservation list?

Answer: By being on our list you will receive our monthly updates, are welcome to participate in The Regency activities, enjoy a cup of coffee with us and partake in our potlucks or lunch bunch activities.