Below are some frequently asked questions:


Question: What will The Regency offer me that I don’t already have in my home? 

Answer: Our community will provide the comfort of your own home without the work. You will be able to participate in a variety of social activities, enjoy a good book in our library, and have scheduled transportation provided for your convenience.


Question: Will I be able to decorate my new home? 

Answer: Absolutely. Many residents choose to wallpaper a bathroom, add border paper in their kitchen, or paint their bedroom a favorite color. And don’t forget to bring your special “finishing touches”, favorite furniture, grandfather clock, and family mementos. All the things that really make it home!


Question: Will there be any stairs in my new home? 

Answer: There are no stairs at the Regency. You will love our “ranch style” living.


Question: Do I have to participate in social activities? 

Answer: No, but you will probably want to. Our community plans a variety of social, educational and wellness programs. You’ll find a variety of activities inside and outside of our community.


Question: Can my grandchildren or friends come for an overnight visit? 

Answer: You bet! They may stay in your residence. You’ll probably have more free time and energy to spend with them now that you’re free from all the responsibilities of owning a home.